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Wonderfully Wired

Wonderfully Wired Hardcover Book by Stacey Lucas- Toumbourou

Wonderfully Wired Hardcover Book by Stacey Lucas- Toumbourou

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Wonderfully Wired is a beautiful hardcover book celebrating the strengths and differences of 100 amazing neurodivergent people who have truly changed the world.  

Despite challenges they faced due to their neurodiversities, such as Tourette’s, autism, dyslexia or ADHD, they were able to focus on their incredible talents and achieve truly remarkable things in their lives! 

From scientists to artists, athletes to entrepreneurs, their stories will inspire and motivate you to follow your dreams and passions.

And while everyone’s brain is wired differently (after all that’s what makes us interesting and unique) sometimes our differences can become our wonderful strengths.

The sky is the limit!

Style Guidelines

Throughout Wonderfully Wired the British Dyslexic Association’s Style Guidelines have been followed as closely as possible in order to make reading easier. 

This includes specific simple font styles, sizes, spacing and the limitation of colours used throughout the book.

The visual distractions on text pages have also been minimised for those readers who have difficulties focusing. 

This is all done to hopefully make it easier for everyone to read. 

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