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Shashibo- The ORIGINAL Shape Shifting Box- Explorers Series

Shashibo- The ORIGINAL Shape Shifting Box- Explorers Series

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These are the ORIGINAL Shashibo - the shape-shifting box.  These geometric 3D Transforming Magnetic Cubes are far from disappointing & dull. 
The patented, award-winning Shashibo fidget box features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. Fits comfortably in the hand for hours of mind-challenging fun, stimulate the senses with unlimited creative possibility.

This top-selling & STEAM accredited, award winning puzzle toy is a great way to boost creativity, relax and get away from technology. The perfect gateway to mindfulness....

The Explorer Series contains the Elements, Earth, Moon, and Undersea designs. Explore the Earth-Moon-Sea connection! Though nearly 240,000 miles away, the moon seems distant and barren, yet the connection to our blue planet is as strong as the moon’s magnetics that controls our tides. Come explore this new Explorer Series by Shashibo, and let Shashibo unfold all the mysteries beneath the surface.

Nothing compares to the quality & unique design of the Shashibo, durably constructed of premium injection-mold plastic, 36 rare earth magnets, and a tear-proof, matte or high-gloss surface. Each magnetic puzzle features 4 unique, artistic patterns of vibrant, mesmerizing artwork, for an ever-changing array of beauty at your fingertips.

Collect & Connect: With the strong internal magnet system of these fidget puzzle boxes, you can connect multiple magnetic cubes to build even larger structures and sculptures – for the ultimate satisfying magnetic fidget toy and brain teaser. Collect all designs to create vibrantly patterned, spellbinding 3D art!

Designed in the U.S. and Germany, these award-winning magnet cubes are made to challenge the senses and build skill & coordination and bring people together for hours of fun. 

Designed for 8 years+  

Shashibo boxes are made out of 100% recycled ABS injection mold plastic, tear resistant stickers, and have 36 rare earth magnets enclosed within each cube! Both the ABS plastic and rare earth magnets are recyclable ♻️ at the end of their life!

Size: 5.8 x 5.8 x 5.8 cm 

Weight: 114 Grams

Recommended for children 8 years and upwards

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