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The Rainbow Brain

The Rainbow Brain

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Welcome to The Rainbow Brain, a groundbreaking children's book that is the first of its kind to understand both autism and ADHD together. This book walks through the delicate balance of two opposite ideas in one brain, and tries to come up with the rules forward. 

 The Rainbow Brain is simple, factual, and neuro-affirming. 

 It introduces young readers to the way that their brain works and the accommodations they may need through this world. Lovers of The Brain Forest will delight in seeing similar images again, being transported back To The Brain Forest and their concepts further developed in this follow up book. You'll see familiar concepts of other forms of neurodivergence such as Tourette's, Intellectual Disability, Dyslexia make a come back as well. 

 This children's book is one that will delight both AuDHD children and adults alike, and one that will help those with rainbow brains feel seen and represented - finally.

Recommended age range: 6 to 10 years

 Reviews from our AuDHDer beta readers: 

 T, aged 12, - "This book is very relatable and true. So nice that someone in the world could explain what it's like to be me. It's amazing". 

 J, aged 8,  - "I think that most of this book is true, because my brain works really fast and I don't like loud noises. It helps my teachers know that I can't sit for two hours in a chair at one time. It's telling me a lot about my AuADHD that I did not know about. Thank you for making this book. I think it will help a lot of kids to learn about AuADHD". 

 Hayley, educator and psychologist : Sandhya's books transcend age brackets; this book could find itself easily sitting in a kindergarten room or on a parent's side table. The information is clear, the advice inclusive, and above all else, it supports the world to see the perspective of our AuADHDers through a strengths-based lens.

 .I, 11  years:  I loved this book. I could really relate to a lot of the examples.

 O, 8 years: I loved this as much as The Brain Forest. It was like reading a book about me!

 !W, 5 years: "That's my brain?!?! It's so cool!"

 B, 6 years:  I have a rainbow brain, and I think you do too Mummy!

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