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The Play Card- THE SIT UP CHAMPION- 6-12 months

The Play Card- THE SIT UP CHAMPION- 6-12 months

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with new and exciting activities for your 6-12 month old?

It can be a real challenge to keep them entertained and stimulated, especially when you're using the same old toys and routines. It's easy to feel a bit stuck, isn't it?

That's exactly where "The Sit Up Champion" deck of cards comes into play.

Each card in this deck offers a unique, playful activity idea specifically designed for children aged 6-12 months.

The best part? All these activities utilise common household items, making it super easy and convenient to set up a fun playtime. No special purchases needed – just grab the deck, pick a card, and you're all set for an engaging and enjoyable experience with your little one.

The ability to sit unassisted is one of many exciting milestones. You can finally put them down while you cook dinner or CEO a multi-national conglomerate.

Encourage them to sit for longer while stimulating their ever-growing brain. This brain can often feel frustrated at their lack of mobility or ability to get objects that are out of reach. Each idea not only entertains, it teaches fine and gross motor skills, language skills, cause and effect, tactile discrimination, and more.

Recommended for children aged between 6-12 months. All activities must be done under adult supervision.

This deck includes:
• 24 inspired play cards
• 1 instruction card
• A sliding draw box with easy-to-pull ribbon

Like all our cards, on the back you will find:
• Teacher talk: a quick list of developmental areas the activity focuses on
• Switch it up: ways to change the activity based on different needs
• Hot tips: little tricks to make it a success (think clean up ideas, safety advice, alternative resources to use)

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