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The Perfect Hug- Weighted blanket 5kg

The Perfect Hug- Weighted blanket 5kg

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 The Perfect Hug

I am medium in both weight and size. I weigh 5kg including my cover. I have a matching pillow case 48 x 74cm.

I suit sleepers both young and old, over 50kg.

At 150cm x 100cm, I sit perfectly on top of a single bed. You can also use me in a bigger bed to help you sleep, without disturbing your sleep partner.

My inner weighted blanket (doona/quilt) is made from pure cotton, and I have 100% non-toxic glass bead filling

I have a snuggly-buggly-ruggly luxuriously soft patterned minky material on my top-side in a greyscale feather pattern, with a sensory minky-dot under-side in a silvery-grey.

Just pop us into the washing machine (separately), or take my inner to the dry-cleaners if your washing machine doesn’t like a heavy load.

You can use me in bed, on the sofa, or travelling, but be careful that other family members don’t borrow me, because you might not get me back!

Important information: Please consult with a medical professional before using this product. Never leave a small child unattended while using a weighted blanket, and make sure the child is strong enough to push the blanket off his or her body if needed. Weighted blankets should never cover a child’s face!

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