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Keeping Science Simple

Ever felt stuck at home with the kids, searching for something new and exciting to keep them engaged? It’s that moment when boredom hits, and you’re out of ideas. You might even worry that they're not learning enough during these crucial years. It's a familiar struggle for many parents, isn't it?

This is where "Supermarket Science" comes in. It’s a collection of 24 easy-to-follow science experiments, all designed to be done right at home.

The best part?

You'll use only ingredients found in your everyday supermarket. Each experiment is simple, safe, and crafted to spark curiosity and learning.

No need for a lab – your kitchen becomes a wonder-filled science space.

Imagine the look of amazement on your child’s face as they discover the magic of science in the comfort of your home.

Not only are you turning mundane moments into exciting learning opportunities, but you're also bonding over fun, educational activities.

You'll feel the joy and pride of watching your child learn and grow, all while creating lasting memories together.

With "Supermarket Science", every grocery item becomes a door to discovery and every day a new adventure in learning.

If your child is anything like many others, they’re super into science experiments. Maybe they’re dabbling in science at school, or love watching homemade volcanos erupt on the YouTube. Or maybe you’re just desperate to get them away from those screens and into something educational.

The problem is, a quick search of ‘science experiments for kids’ will have you trying to source yellowcake uranium and scheduling an appointment with your local shaman. If your mortar and pestle aren’t made from gold-lined Spanish marble, there’s no point in even trying….. until now.

All 22 science experiments in this card deck are simple, fun, and can be made from supermarket items (many of which you probably already have at home).

Now you can reduce the number of times you hear ‘I’m booooooored’, spark curiosity, and create a fun love of learning without sacrificing a kidney to pay for it all. Who knows, your child could even become the very next scientist who changes the world.

This deck includes:
• 23 science experiment cards
• 1 supermarket shopping list card
• 1 instruction card
• A sliding draw box with easy-to-pull ribbon
• Endless fun and learning

note: Some experiments appear in The Explorer Deck and Silent Assassin Deck.


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