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SQUARE Spinning Cube in Oil SLICK in window TIN

SQUARE Spinning Cube in Oil SLICK in window TIN

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This is a lovely weighted product that is very soothing as it rotates when you spin it. Typically used by holding the two moving ends  of the spinner with your thumb and pointer & spinning the main body. 

"This ring gets me through every and any day. I actually bought this twice because I sadly lost my first and struggled without it. It makes a whir sound I love and I have so many ways of spinning and moving it between my fingers Nicola B October 2023"

 “I bought this for my son and he tells me everyday how amazing it is, he loves it. He has used it everyday and I love how quite it is Dearne B  Jan 2024”

Note this cube has 3 parts that can be pulled apart - two smaller spinning sections with a small magnetic disc which sits internally when together.  If taken apart easily clips back together.  If dropped the magnets can fall/break off.  They may be glued back into place however if magnet is lost the spinner will not function.  

A great visual stim which is quite mesmerizing to watch spin.  can also use one component to spin like a spinning top.  

"This is my absolute favourite stim toy. It was one of my first and I have just bought a second one as a gift for a friend. It is slightly weighted which feels very grounding for me. The physical and visual stim of it is incredible. There are two ways to spin it (holding either the middle or the outer piece) and I like to switch between them, or just roll it in my hand. I'm a huge fan of oil slick and love this smooth design. I also use it as a 'totem' prop for some of my RPG characters because it's such a unique object. Chloe R 2023"

"We purchased a number of fidgets recently from Kaiko and this one is amazing. A great size and weight for our son to use and nice and quiet - perfect for him to have in the classroom. He loves it!! Natasha B Oct 2023" 

Not suitable for children under three years old.

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