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Square Me, Round World- Chelsea Luker

Square Me, Round World- Chelsea Luker

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We are so excited and honored to be able to add Chelsea's new book to our collection of amazing Neurodivergent Authors!! It really is a fantastic, easy to read, relatable book.


Author Chelsea Luker shares what is ‘Square Me, Round World’ about...

'In a world that often values conformity and same-ness, 'Square Me, Round World' is an invitation to embrace the beauty of neurodiversity. Each story is a mosaic of experiences, highlighting the unique experiences of Autistic/ADHD individuals. It's a celebration of authenticity, and a call to move beyond what-we've-always-done.
More literally (because I know some people like this...ok, it's me!), 'Square Me, Round World' is a collection of seven short fictional stories. Each story describes elements of life as someone who doesn't quite fit in to our very *round* world. There's a boy and his dragon, some owl friends, characters with sensory differences, characters experiencing burnout, characters who find emotions hard, and characters who struggle with sleep.
There is a handy discussion guide at the end - to help facilitate conversations about the content of the book. I will also have an information guide available (free of charge) on my website, in case you want to learn more about some of the things explored in the book.'


Neurowild, 2024- 'I rarely come across great resources that are aimed at slightly older neurodivergent kids- with relatable and easily accessible language and themes- one step up from a picture book.

All clinicians should have this book. Older primary teachers should use it with their classes. Parents with neurodivergent kids 7+ should give it a read with their kids. Every library needs a copy.
It's a collection of short stories about an AuDHD life. The illustrations are from Eliza Fricker, another great advocate. There are discussion guides in the back.'

Maggie Dent, 2024'This is a brilliant book! The notion that many autistic and ADHDer kids feel like square pegs trying to fit into round holes is explored deeply in this book. The author psychologist Chelsea Luker is an Autistic ADHDer and is deeply passionate to help to lift awareness and understanding about diversity. This needs to be in every university, every ECEC, school and community library. Congratulations Chelsea and thank you for this exceptional resource.'

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