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Neuro Divergent Ally- SPOON THIEVES Deck

Neuro Divergent Ally- SPOON THIEVES Deck

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Only Available in Australia- Only available instore.

THESE ARE AMAZING!!! A must have for therapists, schools or at home!

They are an amazing communication tool for neurodivergent people!!!

"I honestly could not recommend these enough as a wonderful conversation starter.... my 9 year old and I had an amazing time exploring these cards, connecting and identifying some of our challenges and strengths and discussing them. We also had a great laugh together, it was a great bonding opportunity." -Parent

The cards depict daily activities and situations that use up the mental, physical and emotional resources of autistics or ADHD-ers.

Based on the Social Model of Disability and Spoon Theory, the cards assist ND people to communicate about their barriers to success.

Deck 1 is focused on 27 activities of daily living and situations experienced by children and teens. Deck 2 adds 28 additional activities and situations that may be experienced by teens and adults.

Spoon Thieves can be used to facilitate communication between neurodivergent and neurotypical people of all ages, whether you are a therapist, teacher, support coordinator, friend, or a parent or family member.

They are not prescriptive and can be used creatively in any way that you find helpful. Some suggestions:

Use the cards to answer the question: “Where does all your energy go each day?”

Pair them with a set of actual teaspoons to make communication more concrete and use them as a planning tool to inform goal development, daily scheduling, and support needs.

Use the cards to increase awareness and understanding, of both self and others.

Categorise cards to illustrate the vast differences amongst ND people, including their strengths and their struggles. See that it’s ‘can’t’, and not ‘won’t’.

Acknowledge the very real impacts of being ND in a Neurotypical world, and the effects of ableism on positive ND identity and self-worth.

These are an amazing resource. So that they are available to as many people as possible, if you are unable to get into our shop, you can order online at

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