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Silicone finger brush (2 pack) - Stage One

Silicone finger brush (2 pack) - Stage One

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Is tooth brushing a challenge at your house? 

For many people toothbrushing can be a sensory nightmare!

Sensory intolerance can be heightened even more depending on how well regulated a child/ person is feeling.

Often having a range of toothbrushing options available at any one time can be helpful, allowing a child/ person to have the autonomy to switch it up depending on how they are feeling at the time.

For children/adults who are orally very sensitive, these finger brushes can provide them with a more comfortable, less stressful toothbrushing experience.

For babies, Stage 1 Silicone finger brush (2 pack) is suitable typically for 6-18months.

100% medical/food grade silicone as well as BPA, PVC & Phthalate free.


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