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Muffik Sensory Playmat- Medium Set 1

Muffik Sensory Playmat- Medium Set 1

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The medium Sensory Playmat by Muffik is a wonderful 8 piece playset combining SOFT and FIRM surfaces in ideal harmony. 

These activity mats are used to gently stimulate, awaken and massage the feet. Soft Grass serves as a preparation or relief from firm acupuncture surfaces, Pebbles activate ankle valgus while nuts awaken concentration and stability; Twister engages muscles in the centre of the body and helps balance. Domed Seashells offer gentle foot stimulation, Dino eggs enhance the perception of smooth and rough surfaces and pinecones promote blood circulation in the feet, and the Logs are suitable for strengthening the centre of the body, for better balance and overall stability. 

Kids while playing develop motor skills and imaginative skills. It helps prevent flat feet as well as provides a beautiful sensory bin experience when walked over or explored by hand. Last but not least, its puzzle shaped design and colour combination promotes active play for hours.

Includes (8 pcs):

1 x Grass Soft
1 x Twister Firm
1 x Dino Eggs Soft
1 x Pebbles Firm
1 x Muffik Firm
1 x Seashells Firm
1 x Nuts Firm
1 x Pinecones Firm

*The colour of the product in the image may slightly differ from the original.

Square Dimensions: 29.79 cm x 29.79 cm

Recommended Age: 3 Years onward with parental supervision.

Safety Information

Please keep children supervised, during play. We advise letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required


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