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Nurturing your Autistic Young Person -A Parent's Handbook to Supporting Newly Diagnosed Teens and Pre-Teens

Nurturing your Autistic Young Person -A Parent's Handbook to Supporting Newly Diagnosed Teens and Pre-Teens

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As the parent of a child recognised as autistic as a pre-teen or teen, it can often feel difficult to find the answers you need.

Children who make it to late primary/early secondary age before being picked up by the system tend to present with traits that are harder to spot, meaning it can be harder to engage professionals in the diagnostic process and gather the necessary support.

Cathy Wassell, CEO of Autistic Girls Network, has tailored this handbook to support parents with older children or teenagers who are at the identification stage, walking them through the basics in an engaging and accessible manner. She addresses key challenges for this age group, including co-occurring conditions, puberty, and safeguarding, as well as looking to the future, advising on schooling options, and beyond.

Designed to help parents become fully informed and ensure a nurturing and positive environment for our autistic young people, this is a guide with a focus on difference - not deficit.

CONTENTS: 1. Is there a typical autistic person? 2. Useful subjects to know about for a happy autistic life 3. Sensory stuff 4. Co-occurring conditions 5. Autism presentation in different groups 6. Autism myths 7. Autism no-nos 8. Strategies to help support an autistic young person 9. Autism at home 10. Autism in school 11. Autism in society 12. The future 13. Diagnosis 14. Post-diagnosis 15. Support

Industry Reviews

When a parent is told their child is autistic they instantly enter a world of misinformation and bias, often propagated by big organisations who claim to want to "help". Many parents inadvertently end up following advice that causes harm. Cathy's book offers the practical insight and guiding hand to help parents of autistic children navigate in what can be a confusing landscape as they journey to understand and embrace their child's neurotype. -- Joanna Grace, author and founder of The Sensory Projects
Cathy's lived experience shines through - from the conversational tone and reassurance offered to the reader; the book is an easy to use, warm and wide-ranging guide to parenting an autistic teenager. I can see that this book will help countless families, and will be relevant for years to come. -- Sarah Wild, Headteacher, Limpsfield Grange School
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