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Noomi- Stego the Dinosaur Soft Toy

Noomi- Stego the Dinosaur Soft Toy

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Made with beautifully soft and stretchy cotton filled with tiny little beads (as in Noomi Beanbags), Stego is the softest armoured dinosaur on planet earth.

Steggo can be used in lots of different ways-

  • Perfect for Squishing, snuggling and giving a huge, tight squeeze.
  • Soft enough to use as a cushion or
  • to be thrown about the room/house without making marks on the wall or causing damage. 
  • Steggo loves to travel and makes an excellent travel companion for all dino-lovers!
  • Small fingers may also enjoy feeling the small bead filling through the outer fabric.

Perfect teamed up with Tania Wieclaw's 'When My Brain is Messy'- a fantastic picture book following a loveable young dinosaurs journey through sensory experiences, relying on the help of their parents to navigate overwhelming moments and big emotions. 

Size: L25 x W15 x H40

So a little Dino joke for you.......

Question: How can you tell there's a stegosaurus in your fridge?
Answer: Because the door won't close!

Spot cleaning with soapy water, hang to dry. If you absolutely have to, place in a wash bag and machine wash in 30 degrees, drain thoroughly and allow to dry. 

Please Note: Small beads could pose choking hazard to small children and animals if inhaled. 

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