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Noomi Squeezibo Stress Ball

Noomi Squeezibo Stress Ball

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Squeezibo is the ultimate stress ball or fidget toy... Perfect those who like to squeeze hard.

Filled with super soft and durable rubber inside and a beautiful stretchy cotton on the outside, there is no worry about your Sqeezibo bursting and leaking everywhere!

.Always keep your Squeezibo handy, and when you need to let off some steam, take a deep breath, give Squeezibo your best squeeze, and relax! It's so good you'll never want to let it out of your hands...

Best for: Hours of fun, little gift, wrist therapy, restless hands, ASD, autism, Asperger's, anger management, Christmas stocking fillers. Everybody needs at least one!

Materials: Super durable rubber inside and a soft stretchy cotton fabric on the outside.

Size: Diameter 6 x 5 cm

    Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth, allow to dry. 

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