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Play Pouch

Mini Play Pouches

Mini Play Pouches

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This mini version of the original play pouch is the ultimate play mate for kids who like to take their fidgets and favourite toys everywhere they go!

Any parent knows that picking up hundreds of toys a day is a constant frustration. That’s why we love the play pouch. It makes tidying up simple!

All you need to do is spread the pouch out flat on the floor or tabletop for play, when finished simply pull on the rope to gather everything up, and off you go.

If your kids are anything like ours, they like to take a few toys with them wherever they go. The play pouch is handy because they can carry their toys using the Play Pouch as a bag for that long car ride, park visit, dinner with friends, or family outing. Your child can take their toys out with them and play, making a minimal mess and packing up easily.

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