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Happy Hair

Mini Happy Hairbrush

Mini Happy Hairbrush

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Mini Happy Hair Brush™ for your purse, dance bag or sports bag. 

The Original Happy Hair Brush Mini™ incorporates the same mix of 5 different hairbrushes and combs styles into one. It has a spaced & solid (non-flexible) head so that it can deal with the toughest of hair while protecting the most sensitive of heads. 

Great for toddlers, people with shorter hair and even pets.

Use it on wet or dry hair, thin hair, thick hair, young hair, old hair, afro, matted, wispy, curly... all hair... it just works !!!

 NOTE from The Happy Giraffe: We recommend the larger Sensory Brush for more sensitive scalps and those who really avoid hair brushing. The large brush is concave, molding around the scalp, it is much more flexible, softer and easier on sensitive scalps. It has been a real winner with many families.

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