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Huggers- Triceratops

Huggers- Triceratops

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Are you a Hugger?

Are you looking for quiet calm down tool for home or the classroom?

Huggers are a great option! You can simply wrap your Hugger around your forearm and gently stroke the lovely soft fur creating a feeling of calm.

They are easy to take between classes, when transitioning or just out and about as the Hugger can be snuggly wrapped around your arm without worry of falling off.

Huggers soft fabric and adorable designs make them a go-, hug-anytime, favourite.

Just spread their arms wide, give the chest a squeeze and Huggers instantly wrap their arms around you. The triple protected snap bands provide a safe and friendly grip.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Award Winning
  • Surface Washable
  • 20cm (Arms extend to up to 30cm)
  • Come in a huge range of interesting animals so there is something for everyone!
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