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Harmony the Forgetful Hen and the Lost Eggs

Harmony the Forgetful Hen and the Lost Eggs

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From the 'Harmony the Forgetful Hen" series, Naomi delights her readers with.. 'Harmony the Forgetful Hen and the Lost Eggs'.

 Harmony the Hen is very forgetful.

She cannot remember where she has left her eggs.

Harmony asks the other animals but they do not know.

Perhaps Naomi can help?

Will Harmony find her eggs before they hatch??


Naomi is a Children's Author and well-seasoned Speaker.

Naomi Lake lives in Albany, Western Australia. Naomi is thirty-one years old, is an accomplished seamstress, enjoys her passion for performing arts and has Down Syndrome.

Naomi enjoys reading, and especially loves writing stories for children, and her books are published and sold globally. Naomi is excited that her books are read by children, their parents and teachers around the world.

The inspiration for Naomi's three Harmony The Forgetful Hen books came from watching her chickens scratching in the yard, and observing their antics and how they interact with their surroundings over many years. 

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