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Hair Extension Sensory Tool- Teal

Hair Extension Sensory Tool- Teal

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Super Soft and Silky our long hair extensions make a great sensory tool and a good alternative for hair twirlers and those seeking soft, repetitive calming movements.

Twirling and pulling the hair gently through your fingers gives a very gentle, rhythmic sensory experience.  

Perfect for home or out and about or appointments like the hairdressers, dentist, counselling sessions!

I was recently at the Hairdresser, (a bit of a sensory overload for me) and we were talking about hair extensions. I had never seen them before so the Hairdresser got one out to show me. It felt amazing and I spent the rest of my appointment gently twirling and pulling it through my fingers. It was extremely soothing, very calming and helped me to feel more grounded and relaxed. We decided to get some for the shop and the response has been very similar for many of our customers!!

The strands are human hair dyed a teal blue and approx. 59 cm long.

Note: Small metal tip, not suitable for young children those who mouth items.

They come in both individually or in packs of 2.


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