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Ferris Wheel Spinner with Stand

Ferris Wheel Spinner with Stand

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If you love spinners you'll LOVE these!

These are an amazing spinner with more texture and dimension than usual.

The unit spins but... the weighted stainless-steel balls contained in the spinner also spin! In addition the 'housing' for the balls is textural as well.

The cool stand allows you to sit it on your desk or a flat surface... you can even spin the Ferris wheel whilst it is in the stand! So many ways to use this one.

The spinner itself is 60 grams. With stand 80 grams. See below.

Comes in a metal display tin.

Please note not suitable for 3 and under due to small parts. Recommended for 14 plus or for those that can use as intended.

This item is a desk tool. If this item is dropped the metal 'housing' for the balls can be affected causing them to fall out. If the structure that holds the balls is damaged out of shape the balls wont go back in.

 "I cannot put into words just how incredibly SATISFYING the Ferris Wheel Spinner is! The texture of all the little screws, the hefty weight and the contrasting smoothness of the ball bearings make it an absolute pleasure to hold in your hand. And when set in the accompanying stand it will silently spin for minutes at a time. I have always said your cog was my absolute favourite thing, but you may have just topped it with this beauty!

One very happy customer! Thanks again guys!"

Chelsea :)

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