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Dual Handled Scissors

Dual Handled Scissors

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Introducing the Dual Control Training Scissors – designed with precision, safety, and learning in mind. These scissors are a revolutionary tool that aids in teaching young children the art of cutting whilst ensuring their safety.

The unique dual-loop design is what sets these scissors apart. The child uses the inner loops closest to the blades, while the adult supervises and assists, placing their fingers in the outer loops. This provides dual control, ensuring that the child learns the correct cutting motion under the guidance of an adult, reducing the risk of accidents.

Crafted with round-ended safety blades, these scissors prioritize the safety of the child above all else. The added blunt tips further ensure that no harm comes to the child while using them. The 40mm stainless steel blades promise durability and precision, ensuring longevity and a smooth cutting experience.

With a total length of 190mm, the Dual Control Training Scissors provide an ergonomic grip for both the child and the adult, ensuring comfort during the learning process. Whether you're a parent, guardian, or educator, these scissors offer a reliable and safe way to teach children the skill of cutting. The perfect blend of control, safety, and design – these scissors are a must-have in every child's learning toolkit.

  • Blade Length: 40mm
  • Total Length: 190mm
  • Design: Dual-loop handles for child and adult control.
  • Material: High-quality stainless steel blades with safety features.
  • Safety Features: Round-ended safety blades and blunt tips.
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