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A Day with No Words by Tiffany Hammond

A Day with No Words by Tiffany Hammond

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A must-read that belongs in every home and classroom, A Day With No Words invites readers into the life of an Autism Family who communicates just as the child does, without spoken language.

A Day With No Words is a colorful and engaging picture book for young readers shares what life can look like for families who use nonverbal communication, utilizing tools to embrace their unique method of "speaking."

The story highlights the bond between mother and child and follows them on a day where they use a tablet to communicate with others.

Written by an autistic mother of two autistic sons and the creator behind the popular @Fidgets.and.Fries social media platform and illustrated by Kate Cosgrove (IG @k8cosgrove), A Day With No Words successfully normalizes communication methods outside of verbal speech and provides representation of neurodiversity and autism in a way that affirms and celebrates.

The experts are raving!

"How lucky are we to finally get Tiffany's poignant words and message into children's hands through this impactful story. Children and families can now be touched by her brilliance and learn about the often-overlooked autistics who communicate differently. The importance of A Day With No Words cannot be overstated in its potential to expose readers, young and old alike, to the beauties and barriers of living the autistic experience." -- Ali Cunningham Abbott, PhD, LMHC, author of Counseling Adults with Autism: A Comprehensive Toolkit

"Through A Day with No Words, Tiffany Hammond provides us a rare window to the non-speaking world of autism. She has done so with love, compassion, and, I believe, deep understanding. And Kate Cosgrove's illustrations make it a beautiful world indeed. Bravo and thank you to both Hammond and Cosgrove for this window!" -- Samantha S. Supernaw, LCSW-S, Licensed Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

"In my past 20 years as a developmental pediatrician, I have never read anything quite like A Day With No Words, a book that so eloquently, lyrically, and vividly captures the essence and beauty of an autistic mind. This book is a gift to all who read it." -- Wendy J. Ross, MD, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Developmental Pediatrician, Associate Professor Jefferson University, Director Jefferson Health Center for Autism and Neurodiversity

About the Author: Tiffany Hammond (she/her) is the voice behind the Fidgets and Fries platform. She is an Autistic mother, advocate, and storyteller who uses her personal experiences with Autism and parenting two Autistic boys to guide others on their journey.

Tiffany has a Masters in Developmental Psychology and spends her time teaching, coaching, and mentoring others in Disability Justice issues.

Her activism is rooted in challenging the current perception of Autism as a lifelong burden, cultivating a community that explores the concept of Intersectionality and inspiring thought leaders through storytelling, education, and critical discourse.

Industry Reviews

A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond gives readers a glimpse into the daily life of a young, autistic boy who uses an assistive device to express his words and thoughts. Readers learn more about the boy's interactions with people and his reactions to the world around him. His caring, protective mother is with him throughout the day, fostering a better understanding of how the world can be more inclusive of people like her son. The text is simple and accessible to all ages. The illustrations are calm and colorful surrounding the characters with the bright possibilities each day brings. It is truly a beautiful book that shines a light on an often misunderstood community. As a librarian who works diligently to foster community and a sense of belonging for all students, I believe this book should be part of every library collection and shared with people of all ages.--
A Day Without Words welcomes us into the world of Aidan, who has Autism and is nonverbal. Aidan delights in the world around him- from the comfort found in his mother's 'dancing' voice to the tactile joy of spinning barefoot in wet grass - and shares his experiences through the words he types on his tablet. With its vivid illustrations and storytelling that invites us to delight in simple sensory pleasures, A Day Without Words is a must for every young reader's shelf. Author Tiffany Hammond has written a beautiful, intimate book that invites us into Aidan's tender observations of the world around him.--
I want to tell her thank you for writing about and depicting Black characters in the non speaking world. Our representation in so low in books, TV, and everywhere! I want to thank her for showing people we have a place in this world. I love this book! It captures her powerful words and advocacy for her son.--
In my past 20 years as a developmental pediatrician, I have never read anything quite like A Day With No Words, a book that so eloquently, lyrically, and vividly captures the essence and beauty of an autistic mind. This book is a gift to all who read it.--
Such a beautiful book. I'm a teacher always looking to expand my class and school library to represent our students and families more fully, and I've never seen a book like this. I wish I'd had it my entire career to share with students, families, and colleagues. I don't have a big social media presence or following but do have a lot of contacts in education and will most definitely share with them it should be required reading.--
This is so well done. Beautiful. I mostly smiled but also shed a little happy tear for how big this is for our kids and those that need this. Hundreds of thousands of people need to hear this and eventually, over the years, they will! Thank you.--

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