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Monster SPLAT Slammers

Monster SPLAT Slammers

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Looking for a fun way to fidget, increase hand strength and practice those throwing skills?

These fun, quirky, colorful, super squishy SPLAT MONSTER can help build gross motor skills like throwing, increase hand strength through squeezing and squishing and keep fidgety hands busy!

Splat monsters have a sticky outside and give a very satisfying splat when thrown onto flat surfaces.

If you find your Splat Slammer losing its stickiness, simply wash it gently with soap and water, then towel dry to restore to its original condition.

Note: Do not leave Splat Slammers on walls or other porous surfaces for extended periods of time - may cause discolouration of the surface.

100(L) x 20(W) x 105(H) mm

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