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I Will Die On This Hill

I Will Die On This Hill

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There is a significant divide between autistic advocates and parents of autistic children. Parents may feel attacked for their lack of understanding, and autistic adults who offer insight and guidance are also met with hostility and rejection.

Meghan Ashburn, a mother of two autistic boys, and Jules Edwards, an autistic parent, were no strangers to this tension and had an adversarial relationship when they first met. Over time, the two resolved their differences and are now co-conspirators in the pursuit of disability justice.

This book unites both perspectives, exploring the rift between these communities and encouraging them to work towards a common goal. It provides context to dividing issues, and the authors use their experience to illustrate where they've messed up, where they've got things right, and what they've learned along the way.

Table of Contents

1. If Only I Knew Back Then 2. A Different Lens 3. The Indoctrination of an Autism Mom 4. What a Relief! 5. Why are You Yelling at Me? 6. We've Heard it All Before 7. Misinformation Campaigns 8. It Doesn't Have To Be This Way 9. They're Worth It! 10. High Stakes Advocacy 11. Building Trust 12. In the Passenger Seat 13. Productive Conflict 14. In Autistic Space 15. Finding My Niche

Industry Reviews

I Will Die On This Hill offers practical, invaluable guidance interwoven with wisdom, humor, and raw honesty to emphasize how critical it is for autistic adults and non-autistic parents to cultivate mutual respect and find "common ground" despite having differing, and sometimes seemingly parallel perspectives. -- Morenike Giwa Onaiwu

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